over tidal water

Tuesday, 6/8/10, 7pm

We will be reading Niedecker's poems
on the Benjamin Franklin Bridge
over the Deleware River in
conjunction with
Poets for Living Waters

Go to the walking path of the bridge,
walk toward Camden. We will read her
poems at the midway point, where
the current is strongest, pulling
all vessels toward the ocean.

I rose from marsh mud
algae, equisetum, willows,
sweet green, noisy
birds and frogs

to see her wed in the rich
rich silence of the church,
the little white slave-girl
in her diamond fronds.

In aisle and arch
the satin secret collects
United for life to serve
silver. Possessed.

some online Niedecker links

Lorine Niedecker . org

EPC page

"Early in life I looked back of our buildings to the lake and said, 'I am what I am because of all this -- I am what is around me -- those woods have made me...' I used to feel I was goofing off unless I held only to the hard, clear image, the thing you could put your hand on but now I dare do this reflection."
--Lorine Niedecker, from a letter to Gail Roub

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